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Battlefield 1 Gets A Strangely Upbeat Story Trailer Focused On The Soldiers Of World War 1

World War 1 was notoriously a dark, depressing war, that claimed the lives of an unfathomable number of soldiers. It was one of the worst times in human history, and in turn, is often depicited as such. DICE’s new trailer, which shows off the story of the game, is oddly upbeat in comparison. Not that… Read more »


Prime 1 Reveals Batman: Arkham Knight Red Hood Statue

Prime 1 Studio has revealed their new Red Hood statue from the Batman: Arkham Knight line. The Red Hood has an interesting history of criminal activity from the early days of Batman’s career where multiple people wore the hood including The Joker leading up to the accident that made him who he is today. Now,… Read more »

Valiant Debuts Faith Pop, Imported For New York Comic Con 2016!

In concert with POP Life Entertainment, Valiant Entertainment is proud to announce that a strictly limited, Asian import edition of the forthcoming, first-of-its kind Faith Pop! Asia vinyl figure will be made available at the East Coast’s biggest comics and pop culture event in advance of its 2017 mass market release. The first Valiant Pop!… Read more »

Beyond Good And Evil 2 Is Being Hinted At Again By Creator

We seem to do this dance once every year or so. After a long time of not a single peep about the game, franchise creator Michel Ancel will throw a bone at hungry fans suggesting that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is in the works. Thus far, nothing has come of those teases. Keep that… Read more »


Hot Toys Unveils Daredevil Sixth Scale Figure

They showed it off at the San Diego Comic Con, but now Hot Toys has released official photos for the Daredevil Sixth Scale figure based on the Netflix series. This is the first figure from the Netflix characters. Based on the look of Charlie Cox who plays Matt Murdock, you can tell the Man Without… Read more »

Darth Trump Comes To New York Comic Con 2016

DKE Toys specialise in creating and selling parody toy figures based about pop cultural icons, specifically and repeatedly, Star Wars. Sometimes the models are entirely new, sometimes they are existing toys repurposed, reaccessoried, repackages and resold. And they are coming to New York Comic Con with a shedload of exclusive, limited, product. I have my eye… Read more »

EGX Had A Record Breaking Show This Weekend

I was at EGX over the weekend, and in my opinion, that show goes from strength to strength. It’s really cool to see a convention as big as this flourish in the UK. To illustrate that, some numbers from the show have been revealed. Over 75,000 goers played over 200 games on the showfloor at… Read more »

Old Destiny Bug Gets Funny Easter Egg In New Raid

Randal the Vandal is a little bit of Destiny history that is loved by fans. Essentially, he was a Reaver Vandal that existed in the Cosmodrome in vanilla Destiny, that by way of a bug, had an utterly immense health pool. He was patched obviously, but it seems he has been revived in a big… Read more »


Iceland Refused To Be In FIFA 17 Because EA Low Balled The Offer Say KSI

Iceland performed incredibly well at the Euros this summer, knocking out England after the Group stages. They captured a lot of the football community’s heart with their antics, so you’d expect to see the team turn up in FIFA 17, right? Well, sadly, that is not the case. EA did get in contact with the… Read more »

SOMA Has Sold 500,000 Units Pulling The Game Into Profit

While a lot of people will attribute Frictional Games with Amnesia: The Dark Decent, I believe SOMA is a better game. The experience is really worth exploring, and parts of it still stick with me to this day. That is why I’m happy to hear the the game is now in the green. In a… Read more »

Minecraft Is Getting A China Themed Pack In October

The popularity of Minecraft is staggering. I don’t know if there has ever been anything like it in games, with its popularity remaining at a massive high all these years later. The game is still getting supported too, as you can see with this announcement of the Chinese Mythology Mash-Up Pack. This pack is centered… Read more »

Shovel Knight Will Be In Yooka-Laylee

Yooka-Laylee just closed EGX with a panel about the game, it had a pretty unexpected surprise too. Playtonic Games have just announced that Shovel Knight will be guest starring in Yooka-Laylee. The developer approached Yacht Club Games when Team17 floated the idea of a guest character in the game. Take a look at the announcement here:… Read more »

Catch The First 40 Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV Being Played On An Xbox One

Final Fantasy XV is on its way now, with the game set to hit this December. It would have been out this mounth if not for a recent delay, but hey, it’s the games industry. Delays are just how it goes now. To make up for it, you can check out the first 40 minutes… Read more »


Win A DC Collectibles Batman: Legends Of The Dark Knight Figure Set

DC Collectibles has a contest going right now to win a four-pack of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight figures. The set includes Batman, Jim Gordon, the Joker and Two-Face. Now the image they posted with the package shows the figures in black & white, but the original pack is in color. The set comes… Read more »

Get Your First Look At Watch Dog 2’s Story In New Trailer

We’ve seen a lot of Watch Dogs 2 thus far, thanks to a pretty persistant promotional campaign. However, there have only been hints at the game’s story thrown around thus far. This new trailer goes into the overarching conflict we’ll be following in the game and I have to say I’m quite impressed. It seems… Read more »

Mafia III Gameplay Video Shows Off 15 Minutes Of The Game In Motion

Mafia III might be my most anticipated game this holiday period. There are lots of great big AAA games coming, but there seems to be a lot going on under the hood for this one. The setting, time period and thematic undertones all seem pretty unique, and you can see that delicious cocktail come together… Read more »


Sideshow Offers Limited Edition Ian MacDonald Captain Marvel Print

Carol Danvers has been around for many years, but the character is more popular as ever as she is the center of Marvel’s Civil War II and the lead in an upcoming Marvel feature film. Sideshow Collectibles is offering up a new limited edition Captain Marvel print by artist Ian MacDonald based on the Premium… Read more »


Madden 17 Glitch Causes Spectacular Pick Six

If you’re a football fan, then you’ve seen some pretty odd looking interceptions before. Everything from the classic Pittsburgh Steelers vs Oakland Raiders Super Bowl play nicknamed the Immaculate Reception to Brett Farve throwing the ball, having it bounce off of a lineman’s arms and back to Farve. But you don’t expect that kind of… Read more »

A Lying Cat Statue For Local Comic Shop Day 2016

Image Comics/Skybound is creating an exclusive Saga statue of the fan-favourite character Lying Cat for this year’s Local Comic Shop Day on November 19th. The limited edition, black-and-white Lying Cat is an eight inch resin statue, hand numbered, and limited to 300 pieces worldwide. Here are the 27 other Local Comic Shop Day items that we… Read more »

Oculus’ Palmer Luckey Potentially Exposed For Funding Donald Trump Internet Trolls

So, remember when I said the story about previous employers suing Oculus wonderkid Palmer Luckey for essentially being fake might be one of the biggest stories in years? Well, it just took the most bizarre turn. It The Daily Beast has revealed the guy has been financially supporting Nimble America, a pro-Trump organisation that gets its aggresively… Read more »

Ubisoft CEO Says That The Nintendo NX’s Is A ‘Different Experience From What Exists’

We really are only a few months away from The Nintendo NX. It is meant to launch towards the end of March next year, so it is a little wild that it hasn’t been announced officially yet. It seems Ubisoft CEO has been made privy to the console though and he seems quite impressed judging… Read more »

Unboxing The Women Of Dynamite Vampirella Statue

Dynamite Entertainment sent me their Women of Dynamite Vampirella statue and I did up an unboxing video. The statue is based on the art of J. Scott Campbell and sculpted by Jason Smith for the Brewing Factory. To order your statue, click here.